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Care involves a variety of day-to-day life issues:


Monitor the medical needs - assure visits to the various health care providers take place, documentation of the conversations and decisions made, monitoring of medical records, follow up to the visit to include implementation of recommendations, and handling of emergencies


Case management- includes preparing a multi-faceted written plan to include all the services delivered, social activities and relationships, optimal use of individual strengths and strategies to support the challenges each client faces. Each person receives and/or is eligible to receive a spectrum of services and case management attempts to coordinate these efforts. Often there are health care providers who are willing and able to help. They have first hand understanding of the scope of need.


Residential options- Where will he/she live and how will they spend their days?


Should the person remain in the family home? If so, what arrangements or modifications are required? Who will help with the shopping and meal preparation? Whom will they depend on when emergencies arise? Apartment living may be a better solution; but do they live alone or encourage a roommate? Are group homes or congregate living arrangements an option?


Social relationships


Are there family members who can provide a caring connection? Can they help with social events, such as ballgames and birthday parties? Perhaps there are friends and activities that foster wellbeing and fun. If he/she struggles with social activities, how can we create a meaningful experience using the strengths they have and engage them in activities they enjoy?



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